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Curls come in wide distinct varieties. To fit your lifestyle, you can change the rings in your hair to be tightly curled, wavy, or anything in between. Whether your hair is acceptable, medium, or coarse, pro addiction in queens, New York, is always available to you and can precisely personalize our expertise to fit your needs. It is safe to use on damaged hair as well. In addition, unlike some straightening techniques, it won’t change how hair curls.

The production smoothing system is a safe, natural protein-based therapy. It is odorless, formaldehyde-free, and toxin-free. The hair becomes smooth, shiny, and silky due to hydration.

Our skilled hairstylists and scientists in New York created this unique mix, which has just been released in the country.

The smoothing system was developed to offer a secure environment for clients and stylists who regularly receive smoothing treatments

It is the only item that straightens and restores hair simultaneously. It lessens frizz without causing your hair to get dry. Your hair can be flat ironed to look like it has been flat ironed or straightened while maintaining volume. During the consultation, you and our Salon experts will choose the best option to meet the needs and objectives of your hair.

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