Looking for a great haircut in Queens NY, but not sure exactly what you want? We will listen to your ideas and come up with a solution for your hair that you will feel proud off! Confidence is what keeps our clients coming back. Plus, we can also complement your cut with a rich, beautiful hair color, highlights, or makeup.

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The best haircuts at Queens for Women, Men, and Children are provided by Riva Salon. Our stylists are experts when it comes to Women’s Haircuts, Styles, and Blow-dry services, as well as great Men’s haircuts and styles for that classic or trendy look you can always count on! If you’re looking for a traditional cut or more creative edge for yourself, Riva Salon Queens can help.

Try one of our child haircuts like a girl (10 years old and under) or boy (10-years old and under); in any case, we can deliver a natural and easy to care for look or one with a curling or flat ironed style.  Our stylists specialize in shape hair textures, face shape haircuts, and bangs such as curtain bangs. Whether you are looking for cool winter haircuts or warm summer haircuts, we will help you decide on haircut ideas.  With all this variety of haircuts to choose from, there is something perfect for all women, men, and children just waiting for you at our premier Riva Salon.

They say a picture is worth 1000 words. Well, our stylists are happy to take care of your looks with their cutting skills and creative ideas for every type of hair. From classic cuts like the men’s fade or trendy long hairstyles on women down to short spiky tresses or medium-length textures, as well as multiple length hair textures you will be sure to find something perfect just by looking through these pages.

Our stylists love to work with long, medium-length, or short hair for women’s and men’s haircuts. We also enjoy cutting straight, curly, wavy textures on all genders. Besides, for those who want something a little more modern in style, we have some great trendy cuts, too – like these fun, funky hairstyles created just for you by one of our talented Riva Stylists.

For the perfect blow-dry, our experts love to work with straight, curly, or wavy haircuts. With flicked ends that are soft and manageable, we can create voluminous styles of any kind for you! We also have great curled hairstyles like cork or diffused curls, so your curls will never go out of fashion again for those looking for something more natural.

We include a professional consultation, relaxing customized signature shampoo/conditioner treatment, and hot towel with your haircut service(s). You work hard being a student, parent, professional, and spouse. Treat yourself to our luxury scalp massage by our excellent assistant or one of our multi-talented stylists on your next visit to Riva Salon. You will no doubt leave the salon looking and feeling your best. You can view us and our work such as tapered cut on Instagram and Facebook.