How your hair looks can give people an instant impression of what you’re like. Whether you choose to go with bright and fun colors, or something more traditional, our highly trained and professional hairstylists at RIVA SALON will ensure you leave with the look you expect.

At RIVA SALON in Queens, we are passionate about hair, and our Balayage experts help ease people’s stress, so they walk out the door happy and confident. We continue to develop and grow with the latest colors and techniques so you can find your perfect look. At RIVA SALON, we are experts when it comes to making sure each customer has their desired shade covered for long-lasting results.

Whether you’re looking to do a complete transformation or just need some highlights, we offer the best hair color trends. We also provide an array of highlight and balayage services so that every strand of hair gets an individualized treatment!

Best Balayage Highlights

The Balayage technique provides highlights in the hair to make it look natural and soft. The gradation of lightness towards your ends will give you this cute yet feminine appearance with no stark contrasts between colors or textures like some other techniques might do!

Our Balayage experts help ease people’s stress by providing them a simple process when going from brunette color-treated locks into lighter shades without the need to get their roots touched up afterward. Balayage brings all these beautiful effects naturally onto one’s head. We use the latest technology in lighteners and techniques to hand paint a customized look for you.

Partial and Full Highlights and/or Lowlights

We apply the coloring technique with foils or highlight wraps to isolate hair parts in various shapes and patterns. Foiling creates contrast while giving you soft, bold dimensional color that enhances your natural beauty.

Amongst the most popular hair trends right now is color-on-coloration. This technique involves applying foil to individual strands to create contrast and bold designs that will make your natural locks stand out even more.

Have you felt like your hair has a sense of melancholy? Don’t worry; we’ve got the solution. At RIVA SALON, our innovative experts will fix you up with today’s trending new hair color techniques that will make you look dashing.

Your color service will begin with a consultation where your stylist will go over what you want to achieve and may offer recommendations for the best match based on your lifestyle, skin tone, natural base color, as well as hair condition.

Men’s Hair Color

At RIVA SALON, we offer men versatile and customized options using the latest techniques to create superior coloring for any hair type and occasion. We can do it all! From grey blending to grey coverage, our talented stylists will fit your needs.

Our men’s hair coloring services include; styling with products specially formulated just for the individual according to their length or texture needs. So keep those jaws watering by calling us today.

Why Choose RIVA SALON For Your Hair Color Services

RIVA SALON in Queens is a one-stop shop for all of your hair care needs. With an extensive list of services, from cuts to colors, we have you covered! With a full range of coloring services, Riva Salon can give you that fantastic look you desire most.

Whether it’s the perfect cut or color for your style wish list, our team will get what works best with their expert knowledge in every service we provide. We’re confident that we can meet whatever type of hair color treatment you desire at Riva Salon.

We also offer other services not just on this list, but something unique too – be sure to check out what else we can do at your next appointment today by scheduling now.