Child’s Haircut – Girl & Boy (10 and Under)

Child’s Haircut – Girl & Boy (10 and Under)

We know kids are more than just little adults. That’s why at Riva Salon, we offer a variety of different services for kids ten years and under to ensure they feel comfortable with whatever stylistic choice you make. We have Child’s Haircut – Girl (10 and Under) and Boy (10 and Under). Our hairstylists are great with kids and will consult with you both and provide your child with the look and feel they want while keeping them comfortable the whole time. Our staff has the necessary skills to work with your youngster.

We tailor our Child’s Haircut – Girl (10 and under) and Boy (10 and under) to suit the needs of your little one. We specialize in easy-to-care-for, classic or trendy, styles for girls at any length, with or without bangs. For boys, we provide traditional, spiky undercuts and virtually any look you can imagine. We will keep them looking their ultra-best- we have a perfect style fit just waiting.

Curling Iron and Flat Iron

Our stylists are highly skilled with a curling iron or wand so that you can get those perfect waves or curls in no time. Curls are great for adding extra volume and hold that will last all day.
We curl to liven up fine/limp hair, dress up your natural curls with defined pieces or give you that beachy wave that is so trendy. That’s where we come into play with our expertise in styling anyone’s locks from fine hair to thick hair for an authentic look.

RIVA SALON has skilled stylists who are great at specializing in Flat Iron styles. Our talented professionals know how to style your hair with a flat iron, so it looks good for any occasion, no matter if you’re going out or just need a minor retouching.
We also understand how humidity affects hair and expertly smooth your tresses to deliver shine and manageability.