At our salon, which is the most fabulous hair salon in our area, ombre hair color is still more popular than ever. “ombre” is derived from the word “shadow” in French. The authentic look is called an ombre. It is the change from a darker tint to a lighter one. Because it is the least subtle of all the methods, Ombres look best on brunettes.

Ombre is hand-painted effects; the outcome of your color will depend on the hair stylist you choose. The hair stylist’s knowledge, training, and experience are all critical. Our salon’s staff is fully trained to give your hair the greatest Ombre.

Our salon hosts professional artists from all over the world numerous times a year to provide the most excellent training possible for our workers. According to our team, these seminars are a “life-changing” experience for our stylists because they teach them how to do these methods in the “correct” way and teach them more about the product.

Working with straight, smooth hair with flicked ends or volume styling is fun for us. We also take care of waves, curls, and beach styles to give you a unique look that you won’t find anywhere else.

Don’t worry; we’re with you every step of the way as our talented team walks you through all of these alternatives.

Ombre in Queens NY, hair color has been increasingly popular across the country and has swiftly established itself as a look all stylists must be able to create to keep up with the hair industry’s expanding and ever-changing fashion trends. For a more dramatic appearance, this design might be very dark at the root area, going into very light, or it can be delicate and gentle. It only depends on your taste and style; both are stylish and trendy.

Call our salon now if you’re looking for the most excellent ombre service in the area; we can’t wait to alter your life by delivering you the best color treatment ever!

After reading our staff biographies and choosing the ideal stylist for you, give our salon a call, email any questions, or make a reservation online.